Category: Toolbox

Internet 2.0 Marketing Methodology


The Internet is a complex world and marketing through the Internet requires dramatically new approaches to succeed. Buyers are very well informed, so trust and thought leadership are critical to engaging customers. Once engaged, moving an interested buyer to a closed sale requires a barrier free path to an approved purchase.   The Internet 2.0 Marketing Methodology plots a clear path to an effective web presence. Is your marketing strategy driving sales results?

Go-To-Market Roadmap (GTM)


The GTM roadmap is a tool to align product development life cycles and customer buying behaviours with GTM strategies that optimize coverage and utilization of direct and channel resources. The possible combinations of product stage and GTM options are endless. The GTM Roadmap provides a decision tree that results in a clear sales cycle strategy from awareness to education to proposal to agreement and delivery plus a path to recurring sales and service. Is your GTM driving business at an affordable acquisition cost?

Sales Management Process (SMP)


Sales management is a challenging process. Our SMP enables high growth organizations with a cohesive, end-to-end roadmap for attracting, developing and retaining sales talent; managing the sales process and management cadence; developing clear value propositions and business cases to support transactions and closing deals in the shortest time possible. Are you satisfied with your organization’s sales performance?

Relationship Selling Toolkit


Selling complex technology solutions requires a deep understanding of the client. Senior executives are often shielded from reality by layers of management. An effective relationship sales executive can bring insight and understanding that builds trust and confidence. This starts from the outside moving inward and from the bottom moving upward. Armed with strategic insight and an objective perspective the sales executive can position solutions very effectively with senior executives and sell into the organization with powerful executive sponsorship. The Toolkit guides a sales executive through this process. Do you want stronger client relationships and a larger share of your customer wallet?

Service Quality Improvement Methodology


Service Quality (SQ) is the most important aspect of retaining customers and leads to strong brand awareness and referral sales. The Service Quality Improvement Methodology helps companies assess where SQ can be improved and empowers employees and managers to create satisfied and loyal customers. Are your customers delighted with your service?