Past Clients

Past Clients

A&B Sound

BC/Alberta Consumer Electronics Retailer

Strategy to Drive Revenue Growth

Retail Systems Design and Implementation

Executive Search - CFO

A&W Food Services

Canadian Fast Food Chain

Internal Control & Governance

Information Systems Security

BC Ministry of Finance

Communications Strategy

Sales Tax Collections System Study

Quality Management

Information Systems Integrity

BC Ministry of Forests

Forestry Management Information System

Information Systems Integrity

Selection and Province Wide Implementation

BCS Global Networks

Leading North American Videoconferencing Provider

Capital Markets Strategy - Successful Restructuring

Increased Revenue by 400% in 12 Months

Reduced cost structure by 40%

Increased Margins from 13% to 34%

BluePoint Data Storage

Leading US Data Storage Services Provider

Forensic / Corporate Governance Audit

Product Development & Branding

Capital Markets Strategy & Investor Relations

CRM, Sales and Business Partner Strategy

Web Site Review and Improvement

Cost Reduction and Vendor Work Out Strategy

Bristol Myer Squibb

Worldwide Pharmaceutical Company

US Head Office

Internet Marketing Strategy

Physician Education & Communication Solution (Web)

Integration with Sales Force Automation Software

Continental Carlyle Brokerage Firm

Canadian Mutual Fund Company

Mutual Fund Management System

Systems Selection, Development & Implementation

Champion Solutions Group

Premier US Systems Intergator and IBM Business Partner

Member of Advisory board

Developed a Managed Services business unit to support CSG Customers and create increased recurring services revenue

Unit successfully merged with BluePoint Data in 2006


Canadian Systems Integrator and Distributer

Distribution Logistics

Organizational & Quality Management Improvements

Counterpoint Engineering

Leading Canadian Real Estate Engineering Firm

Business Strategy

Development of Core Values and Hallmarks

Process & Procedure Development

Financial Systems and Policies

General Business Advisor

Advisory Board Member

Dairyland Foods

BC / Alberta Milk Producer and Distributor

Distribution Logistics

Organizational & Quality Management Improvements

Eli Lilly

Internet Marketing Strategy - Prozac

Prozac Web Site

Depression Diagnostic Tools


IBM Corporate (USA), Canada & Australia

Acquisitions - GE Technical Services

Acquisitions - WestBridge Communications

Spin Off - NuLogix Corporation

Restructuring Canadian Mid Market Sales Force

Competitive Intelligence System & Services

IBM Education Services Business Strategy

Mid Market Channels Strategy

Development of Product Marketing Methodology (Route To Market - RTM)

International Roll Out of RTM Program

Internet Marketing Consulting Methodology

Internet Business Model Speaking Assignments

IBM Canada Advisory Board Member


Canadian Interactive Media Service Company

Go-To-Market Strategy

Internet Partner and Marketing Strategy

Internet Healthcare Information Provider

Bermuda & US Offices

Initial Internet Business Model

Internet Marketing Strategy

Development & Launch of 50 Award Winning Consumer Health Sites

Winner - Internet World Site of the Year 2000

Winner - Internet World Health Site of the Year 2000

Capital Markets Strategy - US NASDaq National Markets

Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Worldwide Pharmaceutical Company

Switzerland - Head Office

Internet Marketing Strategy

Novartis Consumer & Physician Cross Product Web Site

Habitrol Marketing Strategy & Consumer Web Site

Pitney Bowes

Postal Meter, Fax and Copier Manufacturer, Canada

Restructuring Canadian Sales Force

Development of Product Marketing Methodology

Go-To-Market (GTM) Roadmap

Initial Canadian Rollout of GTM Program

Registered Nurses Association of BC

IT Strategy

Accounting Systems Selection, Development & Implementation

Member Systems Selection, Development & Implementation

IT Management Committee

Network Design and Implementation

Sverdrup Corporation

International Design/Build Engineering Firm

Merger & Acquisition Screening

US/Canada Cross Border Business Implications Study

Value Engineering & Quality Management


North American Financial Services Provider

Contract Executive for M&A Transactions

Program Executive Management for TECP

TECP - A Canadian Banking Industry Program to eliminate paper checks after deposit for all banks in Canada

Symcor Provides Item Processing services for 8 of the 12 Direct Clearing Banks in Canada including ATB, BMO, BNS, CUCO, HSBC, LBC, RBC and TD.

Responsible for TECP Program Governance and Management For Symcor Financial Institutions


MultiNational Consumer Products Company

Internal Control & Governance

Information Systems Integrity and Security

Vancouver Aquarium

Retail Store POS Systems

Internal Controls and Fraud Prevention

Executive Search - Director, Retail Operations

Vancouver Port Authority, Canada Ports Corporation

Quality Management & Performance Improvement

Information Systems Design & Implementation

Reorganization and Cost Reductions

Revenue Growth and Member Services Improvements

Vancouver Stock Exchange

Trading and Member System Strategy

Selection of Member Information System

Implementation of Member Information System

Varta Battery

UK & Worldwide Battery Manufacturer

Internal Control & Governance

Information Systems Security