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Creating and Implementing Internet 2.0 Business Strategies


Creating and Implementing Internet 2.0 Business Strategies

The Internet is a core competency to many companies, however many companies are missing the real opportunity the web can provide to increase sales coverage, improve customer service and drive profitability. Having a web site is not enough. Having an integrated Web Presence that aligns product and marketing strategy with sales execution across the company is crucial to success. A marketing maxim is “Be where the customer is” and for most companies that is not at their website. For many companies their web site is like a store on a back street with few visitors and fewer buyers. SAMC will lead management through a web strategy process to develop an effective Web Presence that finds new customers while increasing sales to existing ones.

Turnaround Planning and Execution


Turnaround Planning and Execution

When companies are in trouble, they need a quick turnaround or may quickly slide into insolvency. Even technically insolvent companies may still be viable due to strong customer bases, good products, technology or intellectual property. SAMC will work with owners or secured parties to determine if a turnaround is viable and if so, what the likely outcome might be. Probable outcomes for owners and secured parties are estimated and a proposed timetable is established. Risks are identified and progress can start quickly to save good companies. In the event a full financial restructuring is required, SAMC will partner with a specialist firm.

Managing Large Complex Programs and Projects

Managing Large Scale Programs and Projects

Large complex projects have a life of their own and can often get out of control without clear governance and program management. SAMC has a well developed approach to governing large projects from establishing a charter to managing day to day activities, costs, resources, outcomes and critical path consequences. We have the skilled resources to support in house PM’s where needed.

Service Quality Management and Productivity Improvement


Service Quality Management and Productivity Improvement

In an age where Shareholder Value is king, customers are often neglected. Our Motto is “What gets measured is what gets done” and we work with management to define service quality and operational measurements to ensure customer satisfaction and operational productivity.

Marketing and Sales Strategy


Establishing and Improving Marketing and Sales Strategy and Productivity

Sales success is part Value Proposition and part Mechanical Execution. A well articulated and realistic Value Proposition will align marketing and sales with product and pricing in a way that will resonate with customers and provide adequate margins to support the business. With a solid value proposition the challenge is finding the right customers and managing enough of them through the sales cycle to achieve the overall revenue goals. SAMC provides tools and support to help management align a clear Value Proposition with Processes to meet sales goals.