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Developing and Implementing Capital Markets Strategy

Developing and Implementing Capital Markets Strategy

Strategy often requires capital and developing a realistic set of expectations about company value, money sources, costs of capital, impacts on shareholder dilution will result in an effective Capital Markets Strategy that will support the company strategy at an affordable cost of capital. SAMC leads management and significant owners through a comprehensive review and creates a viable capital plan.

Developing and Executing Enterprise Strategy


Developing and Executing Enterprise Planning

Linking Strategy and Execution is difficult and requires a clear strategy that aligns with the core competencies and real capability of the business. Many companies try to implement a strategy that has been successful for other companies who may be at a different level of maturity or have more resources. Strategies must align with external and internal realities if they are going to be implemented successfully. SAMC leads management through a comprehensive analysis of Market Opportunities, Product and Service Strengths, Organizational Capability and summarizes the Strategy in terms of critical Implementation Risks that must be managed to drive successful outcomes.